South India Tour Destinations


On an Indian Expeditions South India Tour, you will tour South India with a small group of like-minded people with a trip lead and sometimes, with a trip manager. The trip lead of the South India Tour will offer world-class interpretation services in fluent English. Being well versed in South Indian history and current affairs, they will also engage you in friendly debates and conversations to help you get close to the pulse of India during the South India Tour.

Indian Expeditions also offers Private South India Tours for those who wish to travel alone. For more information, do write in to us.

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Depending on the theme of the South India Tour, academicians and experts will join you to hold talks on related subjects. As of now, we concentrate exclusively on South India, in which lies our core travel and logistic expertise. Indeed, with most of the staff growing up in South India like their parents, we believe we can show you the real South India as no other tour operator can.

Apart from working with groups, we also provide services for individual travelers and families who are not looking for a multi-day south India tour . If you would like a once-off booking in a nice eco-getaway in a national park or town, would like to go visit a temple town and know its mythology and folklore, or have a general question about traveling in India or would like to take a South India Tour alone, do write in.