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A South India Tour needs no introduction. South India is perhaps the most ancient of all lands; the heart of native India and its values. A South India Tour is all about discovery – the discovery of a complex region which is steeped in intellectual thought and age old tradition. Whether you’ve come across our website looking for an unforgettable South India Tour or you’re a seasoned veteran of our incredible trips, welcome to Indian Expeditions and we hope to see you on one of our South India Tour programs.

Indian Expeditions are a set of South India Tour programs and South India Tour vacations that are hosted by academicians and experts. Designed to take you off-the-track and immerse you deeply into the culture that is South India, the South India Tour itineraries are mapped by scholars and noted thinkers of Indian heritage. Our South India Tour programs are ideal for experienced travelers who want to explore India’s past and present, and understand her many paradoxes.

Indian Expeditions aims to deliver a South India Tour experience that you will remember for life, and creates rich take-aways that are the results of discussions and personal one-on-one bonds with people you will meet on the South India Tour programs.

A sustainable travel venture, Indian Expeditions works closely with communities across South India, and can facilitate contributions you might wish to make to community welfare projects, schools and self-help groups that you will interact with on the South India Tour programs.

Indian Expeditions offers fixed-date South India Tour departures and Private South India Tour programs for small groups, maximum of 10 participants per South India Tour. 


The Indian Expeditions Experience

The best sustainable hotels and resorts. We keep travel in South India clean and green.

Money generated by you benefits local communities, especially those that live near sensitive eco-zones.

Expert Trip Leaders with a passion and a joy for creating an unforgettable experience.

Small groups (maximum 10 trip members) ensure an intimate and unparalleled experience of South India

Tours allow for complete personalization and customization.

Our Lifetime Deposit policy offers any of our passengers forced to delay a departure just before start of tour to retain their initial deposit for use at a later date at no extra charge—and with no questions asked.

After paying a deposit, you pay for tours only after they are delivered. 

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South India Tour Trip Leaders


South India Tour picture: Ganesha; to bring us luck on our South India TourWhat makes us unique is our world-class expert South India Tour trip leaders. Anyone can take you to the most splendid sites, but in the hands of our experts, your journey will take on new meaning. Affable and charismatic, their enthusiasm is contagious; their expert guidance brings depth, excitement and substance to the travelers who join them on our South India tours — and that is our signature. We’re proud to introduce you to some of our stars.


South India Tour Guide ChandanChandan S. has led over 50 South India Tours so far. Born into a family of academicians, he has traveled extensively with renowned authorities on art, culture and history.  A passionate traveler, he loves meeting people and showing them around fantastic South India. Chandan has worked with Greenpeace and was later involved in building sustainable game lodges and travel cafes and  has spent over a year documenting birds in the Niligiris Biosphere Reserve. Chandan has worked on many travel programs in the wilderness, apart from leading many South India Tours focusing on culture and art. He is extremely affable and informative, and loves to constantly tour South India  ”Being in the travel profession and being a trip lead combines several of my interests – exploring India, trekking, wildlife spotting, being on the road and meeting new people,” he says.

South India Tour picture: Private South India Tour Guide Seetharam

V.N Seetharam is considered by many as one of the best South India tour guide they have met. Acknowledged by academicians from across the globe  as one of the worlds leading experts in Indian Architecture, Sculpture, Indology and culture, Seetharam makes for a fantastic travel partner. It is his bookseller roots that have made Seetharam a cultural historian of our times, much appreciated for his insights on prose, poetry, literature and scriptures alike. For decades together and all of the 90′s Seetharam dominated the book business in India with his exclusive and rich treasure, popularly known as “The Bookshop” in Chennai. The press adored his niche motley of books and tagged it as one of the best collections in India.

Today Seetharam has hundreds of fans who once visited his bookshop, admired his passion and are coming back for a South India Tour with him as the trip lead.

Mr Seetharam Naidu can only be decribed as a legend. The City of Mylapore in Chennai ( Tamilnadu , India) is one of the oldest in the world vying for this title with Varanasi and Petra. Its traditions of art , culture , mythology , music and Shaivaite philosophy dates back to the first millennium BC or earlier. In this city of Lord Shiva and Skanda – Seetharam has been a guardian of our civilization and managed to preserve the sanctity of our culture despite the mind-numbing arbitrariness and chaos of social change that is contemporary India. His deep knowledge of Indian literature ( especially Tamil Sangam literature ) eroticism , poetry . sculpture, philosophy , archeology and mythology ; and his highly contagious enthusiasm makes people seek him out in order to imbibe his wisdom on all matters Indian.

- Dr VS Ramachandran MD PhD DSc, Director ,Center for brain and cognition, University of California, San Diego, USA – winner of Ariens Kappers Medal from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences; The Padma Bhushan from the President of India.